How to effectively create online interactive maps

Online digital mapping and geolocation has become very popular and widely used. Through advertising for local businesses is a massive source of income and for that reason alone, all the big software players offer their own mapping services. Google, Microsoft, Apple, Yahoo, and MapQuest, just to name a few offer a variety of mapping services.

They all offer APIs to allow people to build applications that target specific set of users. Since mapping service is in high demand a lot of independent software developers and small companies are building their own mapping solutions. Most of them are very useful, but there is one that really stands out due to its easy to use interface and robust functionality. is an online map creator that offers an easy way to save map points that are customizable and will help you to quickly visualize your customer list, your next trip or your favorite locations.

Pinmaps stands out among other, similar services because users can save each map point with its own zoom level and map type. Maps and pins are completely customizable.

Pinmaps enables users to assign map properties to each individual pin. Our API allows you to integrate your own in-house software with our mapping system. You can programmatically Geocode client’s addresses and save them to your maps.

All the main functionality are conveniently located on the tool bar that makes for a short learning curve.

Quickly add multiple map points from a data file. Upload a spreadsheet to make a beautiful customized map in minutes.

Both maps and map points are fully customizable. You can set the map type, map zoom and more.

You can change the text in this section and add your own custom message. You can also set the landing tab.